Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing #9

For this activity, I took a look at Cool Cat Teacher Blog and checked out her criteria for a good blog: How to Create Your Circle of the Wise. I like that she says that you should start by looking to those you find to be wise and follow the ones they follow. Hooray for Dr.B, VWB, and LKP! I also liked that she spoke of responsible bloggers realizing that what they write may be read many years in the future. How to Create Your Circle of the Wise was written in 2006! In addition, there is also an article entitled Ten habits of bloggers that win! that has great dos and don'ts for blogging!

I tried all the search tools and Google Blog Search was the easiest for me to use. An article on teaching about Creative Commons caught my eye and I found karen.the.librarian. I could not get School Library Blogs on Suprglu to work. found too much irrelevant information even when I changed the criteria. Technorati was okay (I found The Unquiet Librarian and added her blog to my RSS feeds), but Google Blog Search was easier. kept locking up and not loading - I tried to drill down to education and then libraries and then to web logs, but it would not load the web log it had listed. I could not hot link because the pages would not load a second time.

I had a great time with Edublog's award winners, but the most fun was A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette. I will slowly be adding more feeds to Google Reader.

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  1. I really like the EdublogAward winners...not just the winners but the others nominated as well. I go back every year and check more of them out...I add and subtract some of the blogs I follow and there are always ones that pop out at me from those various lists.