Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #16

Frankly, wikis scared me. I wasn't sure about their uses, and that creates fear in my world. Using the class wiki Dr. B set up helped start the learning process. Now I can see many uses for them. I liked the idea that when you contribute information to a wiki you become a participant. The students love that. In collaborative teaching, a wiki will be a great tool for information sharing. A librarian can set up a wiki for a class and provide links to the books needed for a specific research topic (endangered animals), the websites available with pertinent information (WWF), and tools for reporting that information: Glogster and BigHugeLabs, for example. I found a couple of wikis that I added to Diigo: Childrens Book Reviews and The Hub (another country's point of view). I will most certainly be using wikis in the future.

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  1. You did great with the Bond wiki so you really understand better than you think! I like them because all kinds of things can be added and stored there. I don't haveto chase after things so much. will take a look at the ones you found.