Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thing #13 Did ya go to Diigo?

Okay, the title is not my best work, but the site blew me away! After watching both videos, I tried Delicious, and it had some great finds, but for what I am doing at the moment, Diigo is the way to go (sorry for the rhyme). First things first. I took a serious look around Delicious by searching for collaborative teaching. I found a bookmark titled 15 different ways to use Wallwisher in the Classroom (now 19 different ways) and that was great. Something I can use. I also found a website, Citeulike that is an online bibliography manager. I looked up a couple of the topics we have discussed in class but struggled to find current articles. I then tried Ma.gnolia and was able to get to some information, but not the amount that I would like to have for the topics I want. This community seems to be in the process of being revamped and seems to be limiting access by using an invitation only format. I did however find Passive Aggressive Library Signs (in honor of Library Week) when I typed in Libraries. I have linked it just for grins.

On Diigo (actually I clicked on the Furl link, but it must now be Diigo), I found the same information on Wallwisher, but with a sticky note that had comments. I also found an article on 7 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Annotation that also had a sticky. This site has the ability to highlight images and text in the articles. You can also take a snapshot of a page and save it - a feature that I find very useful with online research. The site is easy to use and looks uncluttered, both attractive characteristics. I can see using this with teachers in the building and with other librarians. I joined the 'Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0.' and it has some really great stuff. Diigo (pronounced dee-go) stands for: Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff and its focus is on the social networking that goes with research and collaboration. That suits me, especially when I searched for several of the topics from our classes and found lots of information.


  1. It is always great to find a way to find and keep to gether useful info. I really haven't spent much time with Diigo, but lots of people talk to me about it. Maybe I'll let you show me what you like about it when we have a chance!

  2. Thanks for spreading great information...You inspire me on daily basis..Keep on blogging..