Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #19

I really enjoyed looking at several of the websites that had won awards. I use Kayak all the time. It is my 'go to' for airline fare comparisons. I also really like Pandora. My husband is the one that got me started on listening to streamed music. I'm a little bit country and he's a little bit classical. I also looked at SpanishPod. My brother is a college Spanish professor so I thought I would check that out. It looks like something that might be fun. I could not get through to the pricing, so I tried reading some of the postings. I tried to find commentary on the product, but could not find actual amounts. So I played with Google Maps. This is a lot of fun. You can put yourself on street level. I checked out most of my family's homes. We use this to print out quick directions for around town. I also really like the satellite feature. My students really like seeing the topography of a location. Lots of lessons could use Google Maps. It might be interesting to check out historical sites with each of the views and you can look at locations from novels (I'm thinking of the Anita Shreve's Weight of Water, located on the Isle of Shoals) and of course, you can always use it with geography lessons. Web 2.0 Awards is a great resource for locating highly rated websites in specific categories.

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