Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #23 End of the Beginning

Wow! I made it! It really feels like an accomplishment! My favorite things were image generators (Big Huge Labs, and Image Chef), Diigo (ooh, I just love this!), LibraryThing (something for my husband and I to do together), and Photo Story (already loaded on my work computer!). I have to stop there - I could list more. This program has given me the confidence to try new things in the web world that I had avoided due to concerns for safety, or because I wasn't sure of a thing's purpose. Every day I try something, become familiar with new technology, and then use it in instruction in the library. I started out tentatively, but now I plow in, knowing that it is okay to mess up. You just 'X' out and try again! I am more confident that I can learn new technology as it comes along and not become overwhelmed (I have Barry and VWB's email!). No, really, I have developed resources I can consult when there is a problem. I think what has surprised me the most with this program is how much I like most technology, not just the few pieces that I knew I would like. I am also surprised by how quickly I became a technology resource for the faculty and staff. The other outcome that is not a surprise, but a reminder, is how wonderful, caring and helpful members of the teaching profession are whether they are the instructors or the students. As to format and concept, this has worked very well for me. The instructions and details were easy to follow and there were very few times I had to ask for clarification. As to the next class: I'm ready for 11.5 - sign me up!

One phrase: From 'Library Lady' to 'Web Woman' in 23 Steps: Take the Challenge!


  1. Congrats on a successful technology journey! And you are doing a great job of moving the knowledge forward.

  2. Thanks for spreading wonderful knowledge...