Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #17

Rollyo was interesting. Creating two searchrolls was easy and fun. My first was for the endangered species mentioned in Thing 16. The second was of library organizations that can be used for research. I can really see myself using these. After watching the video by Bruce Goodner, I can see linking the searchrolls to a wiki or web page. Searching Google has gotten to be a time waster for the students that have only twenty minutes to 'research' in the library. With the new Mac computers, I can see installing the Mozilla add-in and having the link in the toolbar. I can also see the potential for use in my studies. Pulling together the websites that are regularly used for research, making a searchroll for discussion questions, and bookmarking the results with Diigo will streamline the process of responding to assignments. Since I use Mozilla on my home desktop, the toolbar will further speed things along. Hopefully, more of my time will be spent acquiring knowledge, and less acquiring information that requires so much time-consuming sifting.

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