Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #22 Ning

I really enjoyed taking a look at the different Nings. I checked out Barry, LKP and TT. I liked the book reviews in the Texas School Librarians Ning. (How do you make the crayon faces move with open mouths?) I also checked out the lesson plans in the Ning for Teachers (Teacher Lingo). I really liked the calendar with upcoming events. I can see this being a great place to connect, plan upcoming events, and give feedback. The set up was different for each of these Nings, but they all were pleasing to navigate. I did read the latest news that said that they will not support the free members in the future. I did not want to join if I have to pay. I would like to know where the groups listed in the Thing 22 post are going. Are they moving or are they staying and paying the fees?

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