Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #14 Technorati

My first introduction to Technorati came about 18 months ago as I was following the No Impact Man blog. He mentions it in one of his posts and I had no clue what he was talking about. After taking a look and reading what changes have occurred, I can see how you would check your 'standing.' As to the 'new' Technorati, I was not able to find any posts or blogs with 'School Library Learning 2.0' in them but I was able to find some posts with 'librarians.' The first defends the value of librarians, and the second shows where librarians have been cut. They are from ResourceShelf and I liked them so much I bookmarked them in Diigo! I can see using this to find posts with relevant information. The Popular and Widgets sections of Technorati are not available at the moment. I was able to find references to Library2play using the search feature. Tagging definitely has its benefits and I must say that Flickr and Diigo rank higher for me than Technorati. It doesn't mean that I won't use it, it just did not seem that user friendly.

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