Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #21 Photo Story

I really had fun with this. It was easy and interesting without taking too much time. A perfect project for our elementary students. We have been playing with the Macbooks in the after-school program and making videocasts, podcasts, and slideshows. The kids really like turning on the camera and recording video or snapshots of themselves. (They also love to record the teachers talking in the background - Beware!) The students can use this for all sorts of assignments. Recording their voices for other students, shared reading, verbal information for students that need help, etc. Book reports, projects, and poetry mash ups also come to mind. My Photo Story covers a Reading is Fundamental distribution from February. I have deliberately left out the school's name and other details, but I will be editing it for the school web page to include all that information.

I did have a little trouble with the headset I used. Photo Story wanted to 'change' the audio settings. Every time I said 'yes,' it would stop working. I finally gave up and clicked 'no' and it began recording. Seems to have worked well. I also had to load the file three times. It seems that the school district server was timing out. Once home, the file loaded up just fine.


  1. I enjoyed your Photostory. You did a great job recording your voice--very smooth. I felt thankful in a way that I did not have a microphone and just put captions on my pictures. I feel nervous recording my own voice. I can tell you felt confident.

  2. very nice job recounting an important day! I think Bj will agree with me...we will hire your voice for our audio needs! Good job on not letting the headphone thing defeat you!

  3. I like your Photo story...You have done an awesome job for your blog...