Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing #7

Ah, Google . . . What is there to say? They think of everything and make it available to to the web world. I have been using Google Docs in our work at school, creating a central place (document) to list all the free websites for Social Studies support. I created a library with Google Books that has books that I have read, want to read, and the ones I am reading now. It is a quick and easy way to document the scope and volume of a librarian's collection development research. Google Calendar is another tool that I have employed. With 3 different Outlook accounts that cannot be synced as one, this is a way to merge all my different calendars into one. Since this is going to take some time to set up (importing, exporting the minor Outlook calendars, setting up a main calendar, etc.) at this point I have just set up the basic Google Calendar.

I have run into a problem with making some of these things public. It seems that I have connected several things together and some of those things do not need to be made public. So for now everything stays private. Once I get my accounts untangled, I will share with all!

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